[NEWS] Actress Shin Eung Kyung Looks Like SNSD’s Yoona?

SNSD -Yoona- 윤아 寫於 2011年9月25日 13:06



Actress Shin Eun Kyung, who had recently undergone corrective jaw surgery, appeared on a talk show for the first time in four years.


On ‘Actress House 2′ which was aired on September 23rd, Shin Eun Kyung garnered much attention on the set thanks to her outgoing honesty and new found beauty.

Shin Eun Kyung, who came on the set in comfortable and sporty clothes, noted that people have been telling her of her resemblance to SNSD’s Yoona and stated, “I feel very thankful for such compliments. I’ve been getting many calls from people saying that I look very pretty.”


What do you guys think, see the resemblance to Yoona?



Source + Image : Nate

Credit: Allkpop

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