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I could not assent to, much less participate in such proceedings. 我對這種行為不能贊同,哪裡還說得上參加。I did not even see him, still less shake hands with him. 我看都沒看見他,哪裡還可能同他握手呢?

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[ Horrible Bosses ] / [ 老闆不是人 ] -- 想看珍妮佛·安妮斯頓「一絲不掛」嗎 ??

I ADORE Jennifer Aniston !!

She has the sweetest smile.


Click to watch clip. / 點這看片段。


Julia: So from now on, just tell me....when I cross the line.

茱莉亞: 從現在起,當我做得太過火時候....可以直接跟我說。

Dale: Now, cus you're naked.

戴爾: 你現在就太超過了,因為你根本沒穿衣服。







各位粉絲們也有這樣的衝動嗎 ?



1.  She's not wearing anything. / She's not wearing any clothes.



2.  They are unclothed. / They are undressed.

" Clothe " 跟 " dress " 當動詞都有「穿衣」的意思。

加上表否定的 " un ",當然就是沒穿衣服嘍。


3.  He's naked. / He's stark naked. / He's buck naked.


4.  I'm nude.


5.  She's in her birthday suit. / She's wearing the emperor's new clothes.

The emperor's new clothes  =  國王的新衣

還記得那個故事嗎 ?



6.  He's going au naturel.


沒化妝 或 化裸妝也可以這樣說喔。


7.  She's all stripped down. / She's stripped down completely.

Strip =  脫衣,所以就是脫光光的意思。


8.  They're not decent.





Have you ever been to a nudist camp or beach ?

It's a place where people can engage in nude recreational activities.

In other words, it's where people can swim or play other sports without any clothing.


If you have, please share your experience with us.

If you haven't, tell us if that is something you would like to try.

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